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Hohlen, John
Jul 02 1:43 PM EDT
Post #7
Paul - As per the rules, only if they don't complete the first round. But Hidecki did complete R1, unfortunately.
McCurtain, Paul
Jul 02 1:37 PM EDT
Post #6
My golfer withdrew because of Covid, do I get to use my alternative golfer
Rosin, Mitch
Jul 01 8:28 AM EDT
Post #5
Josh, Can you put me in for Bryson this week? Forgot to submit last night, thanks.
Hawkins, Joshua
Feb 25 12:05 PM EST
Post #4
Mitch Rosin got in touch with me Wednesday night and said he wanted to pick Rahm but was having internet issues. Pick was entered by commissioner Thursday morning
Hohlen, John
Jun 30 5:53 PM EDT
Post #3
Only if he doesn't complete the first round, then you ALT golfer will apply. If we withdraws in R2-R4, then it's jsut a tough break. Unfortunately, the system is not designed to update lineups with ALT golfers after rounds 2-4. I spare you the details other than that would be really complicated. Plus, what if he just withdraws but doesn't know if it's because he has COVID, etc.
Seitz, Tommy
Jun 30 5:22 PM EDT
Post #2
Question for the Commish. If original player selected withdraws from testing COVID 19 positive after starting the tournament, does the alternate kick into place? Would think that would be the fair thing and only if both your original selection and alternate both test positive/withdraw, then you would have basically no selection (Vacant) for that week. In the same breath if a player selected withdraws due to injury (not COVID 19) after starting, what is the ruling?
Hawkins, Joshua
Dec 21 2:46 PM EST
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